Interesting Garlic Facts

  • There are 450 varieties of garlic.
  • Garlic is one of the oldest food flavorings that as discovered in ancient times. Archeological records speak that this seasoning plant was used even in Neolithic times, more than 8 thousand years ago.
  • Garlic contains many trace minerals which are important for normal functioning of our metabolism. Among them are copper, iron, magnesium, germanium, zinc and selenium.
  • Garlic was first domesticated in central Asia by ancient Indians, from where it spread out in 3rd millennia BC.
  • First ancient civilization that truly incorporated garlic into their diet was Egypt. In 3nd millennia BC garlic was used not only by nobility, but also in medicine, religious rituals and was given to the slaves as a powerful source of strength.
  • Garlic contains Vitamins A and C, fibre and various amino acids.
  • Garlic was fully infused into cultures of Ancient Rome and Greece.
  • After the fall of Roman Empire, European countries used garlic for everything from food, medicine, to remedies in supernatural rituals.
  • Garlic was used as a wound antiseptic and cure for infections in both World War I and World War II.
Garlic Vegetable
  • Ancient Greeks left garlic at the crossroads as the offering to the goddess of wilderness and childbirth Hecate.
  • Garlic must be stored unpeeled in dark, cool, dry place, away from other foods. Unpeeled garlic refrigeration is not recommended.
  • 100g if garlic will give you 95% of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin B6, 38% of Vitamin C, 80% of Manganese, and 18% of Calcium.
  • Six bulbs of garlic were discovered in the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun (ruled 1332–1323 BC).
  • One of the greatest medicinal components is polysulphide allicin, which forms in all varieties of garlic. The amount of it varies because of soil composition, with Chinese soil being the best. If you want to infuse as much allicilinin to your body, remember that it will dissipate in crushed garlic over the period of 48 hours.
  • 90% of United States garlic production comes from California.
  • Bible mentions garlic in many occasions. For example, during the time when Moses led the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt they complained that they miss finer things in life, among them garlic.
  • It is recorded that Greek athletes and soldiers ate a lot of garlic before they went into action. Roman soldiers ate garlic to build up their courage.
  • Homer’s Odyssey mentions garlic.
  • Garlic was eaten in space station Mir by French astronauts.
  • Many ancient cultures believed that garlic can protect us from evil spirits and ensure healthy birth of a child. Because of this, many European countries practiced the belief of placing garlic into rooms where childbirth was to be performed.
  • Sanskrit records show that garlic was used in medicinal purposes 5000 years ag and Chinese used it for at least 3000 years.
  • Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin in 1928 largely replaced garlic as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic remedy, but during wars garlic returned to use because of the overwhelmed the capacities for manufacturing antibiotics. During World War II, Russian doctors called garlic “Russian Penicillin”.
  • Garlic can be used to treat high cholesterol, coughs, flu, colds, fever, intestinal worms, gallbladder, liver, digestive problems, reduce risk of cancer, hypertension, and much, much more.
Garlic Vegetable