Potato and Health - Benefits of Potatoes

  • 23% of the potato mass is vitamin B6, highly helpful vitamin that can reduce the chemical homocysteine in our bodies. This can prevent the expansion of degenerative diseases as well as prevent heart attacks.
  • Potato’s Vitamin D is a critical component of our immune system and mechanisms that control overall health of our bodies. This vitamin is primarily created in our bodies during exposure of our skin with sunlight, but in winter months, this production is severely reduced and intake of potatoes can greatly reduce or completely eliminate various health problems such as regulating energy levels, moods, build better bone structure, reinforce functioning of heart muscle, and maintain healthy state of our skin, teeth and thyroid gland.
  • Vitamin C represents 24% of the total potato mass. This extremely useful vitamin plays a crucial role in the workings of our immune system (especially in the fight against colds and flu viruses), supports production of bones and blood cells, regulates digestion, accelerates healing of wounds, keeps our skin elastic, and balances our metabolism in stressful situations.
  • Sweet potatoes have iron in their structure, a very important metal that support the production of our red and white blood cells, builds resistances against stress, regulate our immune system and creation of many proteins.
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  • Potatoes are a source of magnesium, metal that is responsible for relaxation and stress reduction. It is also very important for proper functioning of arteries, blood, bones, heart, muscles and nerves.
  • 9% of the potato structure is potassium, very important chemical element that regulates heartbeat and nerve signals. It relaxes our muscle contractions, reduces swelling and controls the activity of the kidneys.
  • Sweet potatoes have natural sugars that are slowly released into our bloodstream, helping us to have balanced and regular intake of energy without the appearance of blood sugar spikes that can cause feeling of addiction, fatigue and off course weight loss.
  • Potatoes are so filed with various minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, fibers and other nutritional ingredients that they can actually provide healthy diet for humans. The only needed supplements to the full potato-based diet are milk or butter, which provides two vitamins that are not present in the potato (vitamin A and D).
  • Potatoes can regulate health of our gut. Single baked potato gives us 12% of our daily need of fiber, which is same as entire grain breads, pastas and cereals.
  • Potatoes represent the perfect food for people who want to gain weight. They are filed with carbohydrates and vitamins which will ensure that your body absorbs all the energy contained in them and remain healthy. Because of this, potato is an integral part of a sumo wrestler diet.
  • Potato is an excellent cure for scurvy. Its vast reserves of Vitamin C reinforce our body defenses and prevent formation of cracked lip corners, spongy and bleeding gums and frequent viral infections.
  • Potato can fight internal or external inflammation. Raw smashed potato can for example treat light skin burns, bruises, sprains, ulcers and other skin problems.
  • Potato is very easy to digest, and because of that it can help people who are suffering from diarrhea. Just make sure that you don’t eat too much of them.
Potato Cultivars Vegetable