Health Benefits of Onions

Onions is one of the vegetables that were used for thousands of years by medical practitioners all across the world. Now in the age of modern medicine and science, many tests and research have confirmed healing abilities of onions and reinforced their presence in our cuisine. Here you can find out what are the benefits you can have from consuming onions.

  • Onions are excellent source of vitamins, minerals and other compounds that have positive effect on our metabolism. 100 grams of raw onions consists of 89g of water, 9% Vitamin B6, 9% Vitamin C, 6% Manganese, 5% Folate, 4% Thiamine, and small amount of carbodystrates, fiber and protein. Only 0.1g is used by fat.
  • Onions have excellent antioxidant properties, which are directly responsible for reinforcing our immune system and preventing appearance of diseases. This effect also helps the health of our blood, keeping it pure from unneeded substances. The most important antioxidant that can be found in onions is quercitin, substance that can be found near the skin of the inion.
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  • Antioxidant querticin can lower blood pressure, ward of blood clots, fight asthma, raise good cholesterol, fight chronic bronchitis, diabetes, hay fever, infections, atherosclerosis and keep our stomach free from cancer.
  • During the last 3 thousand years, onions were used regularly as a strong anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral medicine. Ancient warriors from Greece and Rome believed that onions are the source of strength, and during many wars onions were sometimes the only source of disinfection while treating wounds of soldiers. Some battles in Napoleonic wars and American Civil War were delayed because of the lack of onions. Onions are also mild sedatives.
  • Onions can easily detoxify your body! They have several organic sulfur compounds (methionine and cystine) that directly latch on to heavy metals in your body (mercury, cadmium and lead) and immediately carry them out of your body. Vitamin C is also helpful for detoxification, especially for removing lead, arsenic and cadmium.
  • Many heart and blood diseases can be cured or prevented with the regular intake of raw onions. If you have coronary heart disease or you want to protect yourself from them, regular eating of onions can truly help you.
  • Antioxidants in onions are one of the best sources of natural medicine for combating cancers and appearance of free radicals that damage our DNA. They manage to be so effective because of the presence of many organo-sulfur compounds that were rigorously tested in many scientific labs all across the world.
  • Onions can significantly reduce levels of blow sugar, sometimes even more than many prescription medicines. People who are regularly using insulin to regulate their blood sugar are encouraged to eat onions, because onion compounds enable insulin to remain in our blood for a larger amount of time.
  • Onions are excellent for combating asthma. It manages to do so by inhibiting production of compounds that are responsible for causing bronchial muscle to spasm.
  • Rubbing onions on inflamed or infected skin is an excellent way to protect yourself from serious medical problems. If you are bitten by honeybee, just apply onion juice to the wound and you will instantly feel better.
  • Green tops of onions are filled with Vitamin A. Don’t skip eating them.
  • Onions have excellent anti-bacterial properties.
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